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Osmańska zabudowa Starego Miasta w Skopje zachęca do spacerów

Of all the Balkan capitals only in the capital of Macedonia, Skopje remained in complete, original buildings of the old town remembers the reign of the Ottoman sultans and. If we want Europe to see how it looked Turkish city of that time you have to go just to Skopje.

Offering a best panaroma the Old City of Skopje?

Before we explore the Old Town of Skopje should first have a look through the top. In this way, we observe characteristic landmarks which can be useful when we lose in the narrow alleys.

The best view of the Old City of Skopje offers from the minaret of the mosque of Mustafa Pasha. You can also try to climb the minarets of other mosques in the Old City, and those missing.

Moreover, an interesting view of the Old Town in Skopje also extends to the clock tower located on the hill behind the boundaries of the old city mosque of Sultan Murat (mac. Sultan Muratova Džamija). Clay distinctive clock tower can be seen from the main entrance of the Old Town next to acting bazaar. You have to go through the bazaar, then a footbridge across the street and continue to follow in the direction of the mosque.

How to explore the Old City of Skopje?

The answer is simple – ONLY foot, because it is virtually restricted zone for vehicles. Due to the tight buildings do not go there buses and even taxis. Public transport vehicles arrive only to the boundaries of the Old Town. A taxi will reach a little further, but to the very center already come by foot.

What to see when you walk through the Old Town of Skopje?

Old City of Skopje or Čaršijathis is not one object but all the old commercial district in Skopje Turkish. It is the largest and best preserved urban complex of this type in Europe! Just wait when it is deemed as a UNESCO.

But here is the greatest oriental – You can endlessly wander the narrow, winding streets looking at the shops and workshops in case of thirst or hunger is always a place to sit down for Turkish coffee, or kebabcze and "Skopsko" beer. There is no such touts and beaters as in Arab countries, although the Euro is more oriental atmosphere feels in every place. Among the many trade stands and stalls can be found the true wonders of handicrafts and taste local specialties. Although more and more tourists it can still be seen, the locals come here for shopping.

Here you can also see Muslim face of Macedonia - women in headscarves and muezzin chants nawoływujących to prayer from the minarets of the standard. You feel like in Turkey. Historic mosques or missing.

Klimaty Starego Miasta w Skopje w Macedonii Klimaty Starego Miasta w Skopje w Macedonii

The main sights of the Old Town of Skopje:

  • Meczet Mustafy Paszy (maced. Mustafa Pasha Mosque)

It is located between the claim Kale and the Old Town on the hill. It was built in 1492 , and now is the largest Muslim temple in Macedonia. It can be visited free of charge (Of course you need to take off your shoes) but we must give a small donation temple guard. You can also climb the consent of the guardian of the above 120 stairs to the top of one of the minarets and see Skopje in advance. The Turkish minaret well see the Old Bazaar and generally Old Town which is full of charm Skopje.

  • Daoud Pasha Baths (maced. Даут Пашин Амам)

It is the largest Turkish baths around us Balkan Peninsula! The Turkish-looking building, with its domes was built in the year 1466 the order of the Vizier Daud Pasha as a harem. It was later converted into a steam building urban. Today the building houses the Town Gallery Art, which can be explored.

  • Orthodox St. Saviour of the XVII-XIX century (maced. St.. Spas)

It is located in the Old Town and it is virtually the only Christian temple are among the many mosques here. It was built during the reign of the Turkish therefore obtain permission for the building was covered with long: church can not be too high so that has always been in the shadow of neighboring Mustafa Pasha Mosque. Therefore, half of the church was somehow dug in the ground, In this way, only the second half is visible.

  • Other mosques in the Old Town worth seeing:
    Murata Paszy (maced. Murad Mosque Pashina),
    Kose Kadi (maced. Mow Kadi Mosque)

The following photo gallery of the Old Town of Skopje closer look at some of his take you for a moment in a rustic atmosphere.

Places worth visiting in the vicinity of the old town of Skopje:

  • Strength Kale

This stone fortress is the oldest, historic part of Skopje, near the old town. Niesposób the riverside boulevard walking niezaważyć - sits atop a hill and is a very large, surrounded by high walls. It is estimated, fortress that dates back to the Roman and Byzantine founded at the beginning of the sixth century and was strengthened in the tenth and eleventh centuries.

  • A stone bridge

This medieval, Arched bridge over the river Vardar combines old (Turkish) and modern part of the city. Bridge consists of 12 semicircular arches. Its length is 214 meters and the width is 6 meters. Stone Bridge is currently the most important and most recognizable city card. Nobody knows when it really was but it is likely it was built in the fifteenth century. Over the centuries, the bridge was the scene of important historical events as well as a place of execution.

  • Sultan Murat Mosque (maced. Cultan Murat Mosque)

Ottoman Sultan Murat Mosque (mac. Sultan Muratova Džamija) dates from the fifteenth century. It is located on the hill behind the boundaries of the old city. Mosque itself has a very interesting but need renovation interior. You can visit with the consent of the guardian and after removing the shoes, of course, (Women must have a hat). The characteristic is a brick clock tower standing next to a mosque. The mosque of Sultan Murat can be reached starting from the old town through the main gate, bustling bazaar to pass then go via a pedestrian bridge over the boulevard. Krste Misirkov and then have to follow in the direction of the mosque.

  • Isa Bey Mosque (maced. Ishak Bey Mosque-)

It is the largest mosque in the Balkans stands out because of the two domes covered with lead. According to the inscription above the main entrance, mosque was built in the 1475 as a legacy of the Ottoman governor of Skopje third – Isa Bey. Isa Bey Mosque is also the only temple in Europe Seljuq! It is located outside the Old Town, in close proximity to the Ottoman Sultan Murat Mosque. 34 meter minaret of a mosque can be seen around the tombs of Imams.

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